Getting matched with a designer

How does the process work?

As an alternative to inviting a designer to work directly, 99designs also offers the option for you to post your project out to our pool of designers to express interest in. Using this method, you can review multiple designers who are keen to collaborate with you. After careful review of each designer who has opted-in for your project, you will select one designer to move forward with and take on your project! 


How do I review designers to work with?

Once your project is live, you will be able to view all of the designers who are interested to work with you under the ‘Select designer’ tab. Here you will also be able to see their portfolio samples, a description of their experience, their timezone as well as their last activity status.


What features will help me pick the right designer?

When exploring a designer to work with, we suggest reviewing the following areas of their profile:

  • Artistic style - Does their aesthetic match your brand and the style of design you need?
  • Experience - Does their experience match your project requirements?
  • Reviews - Are their client reviews positive?


How do I confirm a designer to work with?

To make your designer selection, simply click the orange ‘Select designer’ button at the bottom of the designer’s preview card. Once you have confirmed your designer, they will be notified and will contact you to start working on your project!



What happens once I agree to work with them?

Once you have confirmed your designer, 99designs will create a project space for you and the designer to work in! Your designer will be notified, and will you contact you to start working on your project!


If you encounter any problems with your project, you can always contact our Client Support Team for assistance!

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