How do you create a great 1-to-1 Project brief?


Kick off your 1-to-1 Project on the right foot by creating a well thought out, concise brief for your designer! We've laid out the steps below, with some key pointers and screenshots of the brief process to familiarize yourself with before getting started... 


Step 1: During the first step, you will provide two important sections of information (as shown & explained below with 2 screenshots): 

1.  A written explanation of what you need to be designed.

•  We've provided well thought out explainer text to help you get started & to show what types of written information is valuable to your designer. 

2.  Reference files 

•  This is any type of file your designer needs in order to properly assess and execute on your design project. 




Step 2: During this step, you'll inform the designer of your deadline and budget range. 

1.  Whether you're on a tight timeline or an open-ended timeline, we've built in the options that should fit your project needs and schedule.

2.  We've also provided you with guiding information to establish the right budget for the project. You may already have a budget in mind, or you may need some help. 

•  If you're unsure of the budget for your project, feel free to leave it open-ended. Your designer can provide you with a quote for the work based on the information you provided in Step 1. 



Step 3: Last step!

As you can see below the third and final step of the brief process is a breeze. Just a few more fine details before sending it off to one of your chosen designers! 


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