Everything you need to know about our single account update


This sounds important! Can you spell it out for me?

99designs users are now able to use one sign-in to access 99designs, VistaPrint and VistaCreate. This means your existing account now gets you access to all three platforms. 

Great! But why?

Since our acquisition by Vista in 2020, we’ve been working together on our shared mission to be the expert design and marketing partner for the world’s small businesses. Bringing together our print, digital and design solutions is an exciting step to make it easier for you to fulfill all your branding needs under a single account. 

How will this update affect my current 99designs account?

Here’s what to expect. If you currently have:

  • A 99designs account only. You’ll continue to use that email and password across all platforms.
  • Multiple accounts. That are across 99designs, VistaPrint and VistaCreate using the same email. At some point over the next few weeks, you’ll be asked to use your VistaPrint account to sign in to 99designs. We´ll then guide you through the process to update your account to a single password so that you only need one sign-in to access 99designs, VistaPrint and VistaCreate.

And don’t worry, your projects, files and saved work will stay right where they are.

Do I have to merge my accounts if I already have a VistaPrint and/or VistaCreate login? 

Yes, you will have to merge your accounts. But don’t worry, it’s easy and we’re here to help! The next time you sign in, we’ll send you instructions on how to merge your accounts. And remember, if you have a VistaPrint account, that will now be the account you’ll use to sign into 99designs. 

What if I have issues with my account?

No problem, our lovely support team is here to help! If you get stuck trying to sign in, can’t merge your accounts or have any other questions about this update please reach out.

So 99designs is owned by Vista now? What does that mean?

Yes, 99designs was acquired by Vista in October 2020. Vista is a company that helps small businesses around the world stand out with custom print, digital, and design solutions. To do this, Vista offers a range of signature services which currently include 99designs, VistaPrint, Vista x Wix and VistaCreate. 

Watch this space as we have exciting future plans with Vista to make bringing your designs to life easier than ever!

This all sounds great, but what are VistaPrint and VistaCreate?

Great question! Introducing… 


VistaPrint is your one-stop shop for all your printing and merchandising needs, offering a huge range of on-demand printing options with competitive pricing and an unbeatable quality guarantee. If you need your design printed, VistaPrint knows how to bring it to life.  

Learn more about VistaPrint


VistaCreate is a graphic and video design tool that helps you create incredible-looking designs using designer-made templates. Think of VistaCreate as the DIY tool for when your design needs a touch-up or if you’re looking for something simple and want to do it yourself.

Learn more about VistaCreate.

Does this update affect the 99designs terms and conditions?

Yes, as a result of this change, we’re updating our General Terms & Conditions and Privacy & Cookie Policy on September 28th, 2022. Updates include greater transparency about how we share your data across our Vista signature services, affiliated companies and more. Please review the documents in full.

By accessing or using VistaPrint, VistaCreate, and 99designs by Vista on or after September 28th, 2022, you agree to the updated Vista and each of the signature services´ General Terms & Conditions as well as our Vista Privacy & Cookie Policy.

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