I was sent a link to 99designs. How can I tell it's real?

If someone sent you a link to 99designs but when you follow the link, it requests you to enter private information (email + password or payment details, for example) it's extremely important that you make sure the link takes you to a 99designs’ website page before entering any sensitive details -- even if the web page looks like the real thing. 

Here are a couple of tips to ensure you’re in the right place:

    • Check your browser’s address bar to make sure the link has taken you to 99designs.com or one of our confirmed local domains.
    • Make sure ‘99designs’ is spelled correctly with no extra characters in the web address. Do not trust any website which has misspelled 99designs, has added additional characters to our web address, or takes you to a domain which is not owned by 99designs.
    • Look for a lock icon in your browser’s address bar, as this means your connection to the website is secure. All pages on our website will have a lock icon in the address bar. If the page you’re on does not have a lock icon in the address bar, do not enter any of your private details.

If you’re feeling uncomfortable entering your private details from a link you’ve received, you can always type ‘https://www.99designs.com’ into your browser and start directly from our website.

If you have received a suspicious email or have been linked to a site pretending to be 99designs, report it immediately to payments@99designs.com. Please send a short introduction and forward or attach all details in your email to us. We’ll investigate as soon as possible.

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