Stock Image Declaration

How to declare stock images

Stock images are not allowed in logo, illustration or icon contests, but they are allowed in other contests as long as they’re properly declared.

When declaring a stock image on 99designs, you'll need to do the following:

1. Check the box that says "This design contains elements that are not my own"

2. Copy the full link to the direct stock image you’re going to use in your design.

3. When submitting your design, make sure you’re ticking the right boxes and including direct links to all stock images used in your design.

If your image is under a Creative Commons license, you may declare it as free, otherwise all other stock should be marked as “must purchase”. This includes stock images that the designer has purchased themselves.


Important information

  • Multiple instances of improperly declared stock imagery may result in your account being put on hold.
  • Images pulled from a search engine are not necessarily stock images. Be sure you’re getting work from trusted sites. See these posts about where to get usable images from (see below).
  • If you do not declare the image properly, your entry is subject to removal regardless of which stage the contest is in.

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