Offsite Work Samples Policy

Designers have the option to upload up to 24 work samples created outside of 99designs to display in their portfolio. This enables designers to showcase a wider range of design experience, skills and services. 

When uploading offsite work, the designer assumes responsibility as outlined in 99designs’ Code of Conduct, in addition to the following terms: 

  • The work is your own.
  • If the work is trademarked or copyrighted, you have permission from the client/owner to share the work publicly.
  • The work is representative of the person (or people) behind your account. For individual designer accounts, all uploaded work samples are your own work and were not created as part of a team or any group of individuals. For team accounts, all uploaded work must be the creation of only those members on the account. 

Designs created on 99designs will be marked with a “Created on 99designs” badge to distinguish between on- and off-site work. 

In the case that any uploaded work is reported, the designer will be asked to provide proof of ownership (ie. any live, time-stamped post record online), or verification of having received permission to share the work by its legal owner. Any work found to be in violation of these terms will result in an account review, with the possibility of an account suspension or ban. 


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