I've been reported. What can I do?

If you are reported for copying a design, review our Designer Code of Conduct, Stock Image and Clip Art Policy and Concept Originality Policy.

We provide a 24 hour period for you to review the report, and decide whether you want to withdraw or challenge. During this time, please refrain from contacting the client or our staff further.


If you do not believe that your design is a violation of our rules, you should challenge the report.

To challenge a report provide a brief explanation of why you do not believe your design is a copy.

We will review your challenge and decide to allow or remove the design.

If your design is found to be a violation of our rules we will remove the design. You may be warned, suspended, or banned depending on your dispute history.


If the report is accurate — because you either made a mistake or you didn’t understand the rules — use the Withdraw design button to remove your design from the contest. Also withdraw other related designs from the contest.

Any indication of dishonesty (withdrawing a violating design and re-submitting it, failing to withdraw all other related entries, or routinely withdrawing copyright infringing entries in the hopes of avoiding consequences) is grounds for suspension or ban from the site.


Will I get banned for being reported?

Our designer support team makes disciplinary decisions on a case by case basis.

Will I get banned for challenging a design?

No. You will get banned or suspended if your design is in violation of our rules or you have a record of breaking our rules.

Will my account be safe if I withdraw my reported designs?

No. Withdrawing a design does not guarantee you will avoid penalty for breaking our rules. We investigate designers who repeatedly withdraw their designs when reported and put their accounts on hold if they are repeatedly breaking our rules.

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