Which URL should I use when reporting a design?

If you can, send the URL of the original artwork in its original context. This will make it easy for us to determine who owns the image and act on your report.

URLs from stock imagery sites

Links to sites such as iStockphoto, Shutterstock, stock.xchng, Getty Images, and Jupiter Images are great — they show the licensing details for the image, which makes it easy for us to determine whether the designer is using the image legally or not.

For example, the following URL gives us everything we need — who owns the image, and its licensing details:


URLs from other sites

If the image in question isn’t from a stock imagery site, please send us a URL of the image in context.

For example, if you find a designer using an image of everyone’s favorite mushroom-stomping, pipe-diving plumber, you should supply us with the following URL:


This site lets us verify that the image is owned by someone else, so we can easily see that we should investigate the matter further.

Images that aren’t available online

If the image isn’t available online, please explain where the image is from and tell us the details of its license.

URLs to images and file- or photo-sharing sites

Please don’t send us URLs of image files or URLs from photo- or file-sharing sites (such as Photobucket and MediaFire). These links don’t give us any information about the ownership of images, which makes it difficult for us to act on your report.

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