Understanding designer levels

At 99designs, we work hard to maintain the quality and trust of our design community. That’s why we diligently curate all of our designers based on skill level, overall quality and professionalism.

What are designer levelsTo reward designers as they build their skills, 99designs has organized every member of our design community into one of three levels, which appears as a badge on their profile.

We determine levels based on how well designers perform on the following criteria:

Adherence to 99designs’ rules

  • Concept originality: All designs must be your original concept and work.
  • Code of Conduct: Respect, honesty and professionalism are required at all times.
  • Stock images & clip art: All images must be properly declared and no third-party images are permitted in logo, illustration and button/icon contests.

Designer quality

  • Execution of Design Principles: How well you execute typographyvisual hierarchycomposition and color in your designs. This includes presenting a complete and professional profile of only your best work.
  • Conceptual Thought: How well you develop creative concepts that effectively solve a client’s business needs, avoid generic design, avoid copying other designers, and follow our stock policy.
  • Technical Skills and Deliverables: How well you organize and produce industry standard files and deliverables to clients.
  • Client Communication and Satisfaction: How professionally you communicate to clients, keep a positive responsiveness score, successfully complete handovers and projects, gain positive client reviews, grow your repeat clients, and comply with our Designer Code of Conduct. 
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