What is Mid Level status?

Designers that achieve Mid Level status meet our quality standards with moderate proficiency in all of the following:

  • Execution of design principles
  • Conceptual thought
  • Technical skills and deliverables
  • Client communication and satisfaction

Mid Level designers are expected to maintain the level of their work or risk dropping back down to Entry Level (or increasing to Top Level, as they improve!).

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What are the benefits of being Mid Level?

Mid Level designers have built enough trust in the community to enter unlimited Contests, participate in higher prize categories, receive finalist payments and broaden their visibility across 99designs.

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How can I become a Top Level designer?

We regularly review designers for Top Level status. If your work exceeds our quality standards, we’ll take notice!

A few times each year, we also host a week-long open application period where designers can submit their 99designs portfolio for review. These are the only times designers may request to become Top Level.

Learn more about level applications

How can I improve my skills?

The best designers have not only mastered their design skills, but also understand how to build long-lasting client relationships (and steadier work, because of it!).

You can find plenty of great advice in our Designer Resource Center and on the 99designs blogHere’s a few hand-picked articles to get you started:

Looking for more hands-on help? Share your designs and get peer feedback in our Designer Forum.

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