What are the benefits for each designer level?

As designers improve their skills on our site, we reward them for their hard work with additional benefits in contests, projects, payment, support and more.

Contest access

Which contests you can participate in is based on designer level. The higher the level, the more access designers have to higher prize packages:

Contest Package Entry Level Mid Level Top Level


Contest benefits

In addition to access, we also offer higher level designers additional Contest benefits:

Contest Package Entry Level Mid Level Top Level

Unlimited Contests: Top and Mid Level designers can participate in an unlimited amount of contests. Entry level designers can participate in up to 15 contests per month to allow time to learn the platform and build their skills.

Finalist Payments: 15% of the total prize in Gold and Platinum contests is split between all finalists. Contest winners will receive both a portion of that 15% and the rest of the total prize. 

1-to-1 Projects benefits

Designers that choose to work directly with clients enjoy increased benefits as they move up in level. 

Benefits Entry Level Mid Level Top Level
Discover & Search Visibility *
Designer Platform Fees 15% 10% 5%

* Visible, but not featured prominently

Services: Create custom, direct work packages (Services) on your profile to easily match with clients based on price, design category and turnaround time.

Discover & Designer Search Visibility: Get more client attention as your level increases. Top Level designers are featured most prominently, while Entry Level designers are visible but less prominent.

Designer Platform Fees: The more experience you gain on the platform, the less assistance you need from us, which is why your platform fee lowers as your level increases. This fee covers the cost of holding payment securely, dispute resolution, payout processing, educational resources and the ongoing development of the platform.  

Payments & Designer Support

Top Level designers receive expedited responses and more engagement opportunities with 99designs staff, as well as faster payouts and a Forum space reserved just for them.

Benefits Entry Level Mid Level Top Level
Fastest payout processing    
Prioritized Support    
Top Level Chat    
Top Level Lounge    

Fastest payout processing: Receive expedited payouts within 24 hours.

Prioritized support: Designer Support will respond to inquiries within 24 hours (excluding weekends).

Top Level Chat: Members can participate in a weekly, hour-long live chat with 99designs staff on a new theme every week.

Top Level Lounge: Exclusive Forum channel access to engage with 99designs staff and one another on a variety of topics.

Additional perks

Whether you want a behind-the-scenes look at the 99designs platform or you’re interested in mentoring fellow designers, 99designs offers a variety of opportunities just for you.

Benefits Entry Level Mid Level Top Level
Beta testing    
Media Opportunities    

Beta testing: Test and give feedback on Product updates before they’re shared with the rest of the designer community.

Media Opportunities: You may be contacted for press inquiries, quotes and/or features on 99designs.

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