Where can I find the Designer Forum?

The 99designs Forum provides designers with a secure space to engage with peers, discuss design, receive important announcements from 99designs, and more!

To access the forum, you must be signed into your 99designs account. The link to the forum can be found in the 'Community' drop down menu located on the right of the main navigation bar.


Forum Categories
Once in the forum, you'll see it does not use pages. Instead, topics are organized by the following categories:

•   Announcements: Stay up to date on the latest 99designs news directly from the 99designs team.

•   Webinars: Access all 99designs webinars and discuss amongst your classmates and teachers.

•   Design tips & resources: Ask for design help, discuss design news, and share your favorite tips and resources.

•   Portfolio reviews: Share your designs to get peer feedback for improving your work and/or getting promoted to Top Level.

•   Events & meetups: Find info on 99creative collective events, & organize and share your own.

•   Feedback & suggestions: Let us know what you think about the site and how we can make it better.

•   Community questions & support: Get help from the designer community on any 99designs-related topic.

•   Site bugs & issues: Help us help you – report any site issues and bugs you're experiencing.

•   Logo & Jimdo support: A dedicated area to discuss all things around the Logo & Web category.


Browse topics in each of the above categories by scrolling through the home page, selecting a category from the drop down menu or find a topic directly by using the search tool un the upper-right hand corner. Participate in the forum by replying to a topic or creating your own. You may also "Like", "Bookmark", and grab the link for topics and comments you're interested in. If a user is posting inappropriate content, send them a message politely asking them to revise or remove their comment or click the flag icon to report their comment for review by admin. 

Forum Guidelines
To maintain a positive environment, we ask you to follow three important rules:

  1. Play nice with others! Negative, inappropriate and defamatory comments will not be tolerated.
  2. Stay on topic and respect your fellow designers' questions and concerns by giving them objective, meaningful responses. 
  3. Do not ask for designer support. Copyright issues must be reported using the disputes system, and other support issues should be sent to our team at 99designs.com/contact.

Remember that this is a professional community, so standard 99designs guidelines for conduct do apply.

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