I'm a Squarespace certified designer. Who do I contact for support?

We're partnering with Squarespace to provide clients a professional design option when building out their Squarespace website. Below are the options for designers who have any questions or issues that need support from either 99designs or Squarespace.

All work done on a Squarespace website will be done through Squarespace's design platform. The project brief will be available via the "Projects" section within the "Your Work" tab in the header of the 99designs website. (https://99designs.com/work/in-progress)

For help with anything relating to a Squarespace 1-to-1 Project on the 99designs side, please use this direct email address we've set up for Squarespace designers: squarespace-designers@99designs.com

For questions or help with anything related to the creation of a Squarespace website, please visit Squarespace's thoughtfully curated Help Center.

If you're interested in getting certified, see this article: How do I get certified for Squarespace projects? 


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