Completing a 1-to-1 Project

Once you’ve delivered the final editable files, you can send them to your client for approval who will then release the payment.

  • Go to the project Payments tab.
  • Click complete project.
  • Confirm that the project is complete by providing the proper final files based on what you and your client agreed on.

This will start a payment release timer and send a notification to the client for a project completion request. The client will have the option to approve the files and release your payment, or to reject them and ask for further revisions on the project page. If no action is taken by the client, the funds will be issued 5 days after the project completion request was sent.

*Please remember that the payment must be secured before you begin sending files to a client.

Step 1) 


Step 2)


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Once you and the client have completed the project you will need to start a new project for any additional designs or work you and the client would like to work on. 

Completed projects can not be re-opened for more work.


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