What are 99designs' quality standards?

99designs is all about creating a place for designers to learn and grow and improve their skills, but we are also a professional marketplace that expects designers to create professional standard design work. We’ve set minimum quality standards to ensure clients receive quality designs, and to ensure designers are given the opportunity to create their best work.

We are constantly reviewing designer profiles to ensure they meet our quality standards, and we reserve the right to put designers’ accounts on hold if they do not meet them.

Each designer portfolio is judged by the level of professionalism and skills across all of the following quality standards:


Designers whose accounts are put on hold for not meeting our quality standards are welcome to apply for account reactivation during open application periods throughout the year. Designers may not apply for account reactivation outside specific application periods. 

Please review our Quality Standards page in our Resource Center for more information: http://99des.co/2xCqDnU

For examples of the level of quality we expect from our designers please visit our Pinterest page.

For design tips and resources please review the articles on our blog.

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