How do I choose a winning design?

Once your design contest passes the Final round, it enters the Select Winner round. This round gives you 
14 days to decide on, and choose a winner.

If you’re ready to award a winning designer, we suggest checking the following:

•  If you’re getting a logo, illustration or icon design we strongly advise to check the Originality of your favorite design.

•  If your design has stock imagery that require purchase, ensure the designer has provided you with the necessary information to obtain the correct license.

•  Double-check that the format the designer will supply you with is what you expect. If you’re unsure what format is needed for your design, check with your printer or web developer, or see What should I ask the winning design provide? for more details.

•  Once you're ready to award, follow these steps!

Having trouble picking a winner?

Please note, you are not able to receive revisions during the 14 day Select Winner round. If you need revisions, please contact our Customer Support team for an extension on your Final round.

We also know it can be hard to choose a winning design. So why not get your friends and colleagues to help you?

Use our poll tool to invite your contacts to vote for their favorite designs in your contest. It can make the job of choosing a winner much easier.

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