How do I continue working with my winning designer after the contest?

After your contest is complete, you can continue working with your winning designer, or any of your finalists, on other projects.

If you know who you want to work with and a good idea of what you want the designer to create - then you're ready to get the process started, follow the steps below

99designs makes working directly with designers easy and efficient with our product, 1-to-1 Projects

•  First, you’ll negotiate the project tasks and pricing with the designer yourself. 

1. Go to the designer's profile page

2. Click "Invite to work" (as shown below)


3.  On the next screen, click "ask for a quote" (as shown below). As_for_a_quote.png

•  You'll then fill out a project brief for the designer (similar to what you did before your design contest). This is sent to the designer with your request for a quote. 

•  When the designer has provided you with a response, we’ll notify you on the site & via email. 

Learn more about how 1-to-1 Projects work here.


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