What are the options here to customize my business cards?

After you have selected your preferred design style on this page, you will be prompted to fill out a project brief to let your designer know what details and customisations you would like on your cards.

1. Details

Your design template comes with a default layout for where your name and business details are featured. You are welcome to provide two rounds of feedback to your designer on whether you would like these elements positioned differently.

The following details are prompted in the project brief. Your business cards should be as unique as you - all fields are optional!

a) Full Name
b) Address Line 1
c) Address Line 2
d) Phone Number
e) Email Address
f) Company Name
g) Job Title
h) Website
i) Other Details

2. Customisation

Your 100 free business cards will come with a complimentary premium thickness upgrade. On top of this, in your project brief you may choose from:

a) Orientation: Horizontal or Vertical
b) Corners: Standard or Rounded
c) Stock/Finish: Matte, Glossy, Recycled Matte, Uncoated, Pearl, Soft Touch

All upgrades are optional and complimentary. The project brief provides more detail and visual examples on all options available.

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