How does this 99designs and Vistaprint offer work?

To celebrate the partnership of 99designs and Vistaprint, we're running a special limited-time offer: US$299 for a logo contest (where dozens of professional designers submit design concepts to match your vision) along with a new business card and Facebook cover design. Not only that, but you'll also get 100 business cards printed by Vistaprint and delivered straight to your door!

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Logo contest

a) You'll sign up for a logo contest, where you'll use our simple, interactive creative brief to describe your vision for the perfect logo.
b) After your logo contest has been created, dozens of professional designers from all over the world will send you ideas.
c) Over 7 days, you'll collaborate and give feedback until you've narrowed it down to your favorite logo design.
d) After you've chosen a winning logo design, your designer will transfer you all the copyright and provide the necessary files for digital and print.

Step 2: Business card & Facebook cover design

a) 1-2 days after your logo contest is complete, you will receive an email reminder to claim your free business cards and Facebook cover.
b) You'll choose from 1 of 6 professionally designed templates to fit your business card and Facebook cover.
c) After you've selected your design style, you will be matched with an expert 99designs designer to help apply your new logo to your business card and Facebook cover template.
d) You'll be given a quick interactive brief to fill in order to let us know what customizations you would like with your business cards, and where you would like them shipped to once designed and printed.
e) Your designer will then get to work on your designs. You'll go through 2 rounds of feedback to ensure you're happy with the final look for your business cards and Facebook cover.
f) Once you've completed the project, your business card design will be securely processed by Vistaprint, printed, and shipped to your selected address.

You will receive regular email updates and reminders throughout the process. And if you ever feel unsure, reach out to us – we're happy to help!

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