I'm having trouble completing ID verification. What's going on?

We want to help ensure the ID verification process is seamless and easy -- the faster it can be completed, the faster you can get started!

1. Your document must be an approved type.

  • Documents we can approve vary by country and are visible here
  • Your ID must be government-issued and must include your photo
    • ID types we do not accept are:
      • Temporary (paper) IDs
      • School IDs
      • Bank cards
      • Insurance cards
      • Employee IDs
  • Latin characters only: other scripts, such as Cyrillic, Arabic, and Urdu, may cause an error

2. The photos of your ID must be clear.

  • Color images only: your photo must show a full, readable, color image of your document -- black & white photos or copies are not acceptable
  • Images of the physical document only: photos of screens or other photos will be rejected
  • All information on the document should be easy to read. Common issues with legibility are:
    • Glare obstructing information
    • Not enough light/too dark
    • Too far away
    • Blurry
    • Watermark over the image
    • Digitally or physically hiding or cropping information on the document 

Keep in mind: After you submit your documents, the response usually takes a minute or two, but can take up to an hour in some cases. Please be patient!

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