Mid Level Designers

Mid Level designers have built enough trust in the community to enter unlimited contests and participate in higher prize categories.

While we regularly review accounts, we also host open application periods throughout the year for Mid Level designers interested in leveling up to Top Level.

What is Mid Level status?

Mid Level designers demonstrate an above average understanding of our designer criteria:

What are the benefits of Mid Level?


  • Contest Access: Access to all contest packages except Platinum
  • Unlimited Contests: Access to unlimited contest submissions

Payments & support

  • Finalist Payments: All finalists in Gold contests are paid 15% of the total prize. Winners in Gold contests are paid both the first prize + 15% of the total prize.

Additional perks

  • Discover: Mid Level designers are showcased in the middle of Discover.

How do I become Top Level?

Designers are regularly reviewed by 99designs to determine whether they demonstrate an exceptional level of our designer criteria.

A few times each year, we also host a week-long open enrollment period where Mid Level designers can directly apply to become Top Level. These are the only times Mid Level designers will be able to submit their portfolio and request to become Top Level.

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How do I improve my design quality?

We’re so glad you asked! Below are some of our best articles and resources to help improve your design skills.



Professionalism & client communication

Looking for more hands-on help?

Share your designs to get peer feedback for improving your work.

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