What is Entry Level status?

Entry Level designers have had their 99designs application approved and meet our minimum quality standards. Time on-site and/or time as a professional designer is not a factor in Entry Level status.

Rather, the designer level is determined by the demonstrated level of professionalism and skills across all of the following:

  • Execution of design principles
  • Conceptual thought
  • Technical skills and deliverables
  • Client communication and satisfaction

Learn more about our quality standards here →

How many Contests can I enter?

Entry Level designers can participate in up to 15 Contests per month.

These 15 Contests are available during any 28-day period on a rolling counter (meaning they don't all "reset" at once). Think of them as 15 open "slots" with each slot resetting 28 days after being used. This method avoids a rush at the end of a calendar month and gives designers time to build their portfolios, navigate the site and grow their skills.

How can I increase my designer level?

While our Designer Curation team regularly reviews accounts, 99designs also hosts application periods throughout the year for designers to apply for higher level status.  

A few times each year, we also host a week-long open application period where designers can submit their 99designs portfolio for review. These are the only times designers may request to increase their level.

Learn more about designer level applications here 

How can I improve my skills?

You can find plenty of great advice in our Designer Resource Center and on the 99designs blog. We've selected a few articles to get you started:

Design fundamentals

Before you begin working on 99designs, take some time to refresh yourself on the fundamentals: 

99designs policies & site standards

99designs has its own unique policies and standards for designers. Make sure you're familiar with all of them, so you don't run into issues later down the road: 

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