Entry Level Designers

While we regularly review accounts, we also host open application periods throughout the year for all designers interested in leveling up.

This will be the only time Entry Level designers can apply directly to become Mid Level.

What is Entry Level status?

Entry Level designers are either new to 99designs (by default) or meet the minimum standards of our required criteria:

Time on site and/or time as a professional designer is not a factor in Entry Level status.

How many contests can I enter?

Entry Level designers can participate in up to 10 contests per month.

These 10 contests are available during any 28-day period on a rolling counter (meaning they don't all "reset" at once). Think of them as 10 open "slots" with each slot resetting 28 days after being used.

This method avoids a rush at the end of a calendar month and gives designers time to build their portfolios, navigate the site and grow their skills.

How do I become Mid Level?

Designers are regularly reviewed by 99designs to determine whether they demonstrate an exceptional level of our designer criteria.

A few times each year, we also host a week-long open enrollment period where Entry Level designers can directly apply to become Mid Level. These are the only times Entry Level designers will be able to submit their portfolio and request to become Mid Level.

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How do I improve my design quality?

We’re so glad you asked! Below are some of our best articles and resources to help improve your design skills.

Generic and common concepts

Design basics

99designs tips

Looking for more hands-on help?

Share your designs with the 99designs community and get peer feedback for improving your work.

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