How the 99designs report system works

Nobody likes disagreements but when they do arise we try to resolve them as fairly as possible to protect the interests of our designers and customers.

The following guide explains when and how to use the report system.

When should I report a design?

1. A designer submitted an existing logo as their design


2. A designer submitted (elements of) a stock image as their design


3. Another designer copied the original implementation of an other designer

In this scenario the designs share an obvious concept but the designs look too similar. A client does not want two versions of the same design from different designers. These designs, for a scientific research company, use a fish and a flask which are both fair concepts to develop.

However, the second entry does not add anything original, it is just another version of the same design:


4. Another designer copied my original concept

There is a real estate logo contest where a designer submits a design which includes a bird — this entry receives a high rating. The other designers can not submit entries that also contain a bird because it is an original concept that can only be developed by the designer that introduced it.

Concept copies

How should I report a design?

First, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is my design based on a common or obvious concept?
  • What is the likelihood that someone else would have created a similar design on their own?

If you still think it is a violation, then follow these steps to submit a report:

  1. Identify the type of violation - use of stock, already existing logo, etc...
  2. Find any other designs from the same designer and/or contest that you feel violate the rules in the same way
  3. Make sure that you are ready to provide evidence — specific links and observations
  4. Follow these instructions to submit the report to our staff

Following this guide will help you decide if you should really report a design and help you understand our decision making process. That being said, we evaluate every situation on a case by case basis and there are bound to be some cases that fall outside of these areas.

For more resources on this topic check out the Help Page and an earlier post that explained our Concept Originality Policy.

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