How the 99designs report system works

Nobody likes disagreements but when they do arise we try to resolve them as fairly as possible to protect the interests of our designers and clients.

This guide explains when and how to use the report system.

When should I report a design?

1. A designer used an existing logo or part of an existing logo in their design. (Copyright Violation)


This logo would not be allowed because it uses part of Wikipedia’s logo.

2. A designer submitted a stock image or parts of a stock image in their logo design. (Stock Image and Clip Art Policy Violation)


This logo would not be allowed because it uses a stock tooth vector.

3. A designer copied another designer’s original concept or design.

If you think that a designer has copied another designer’s original concept ie. a previous winning design or a highly rated design in the same contest

Report if:

-> the design is a direct copy

-> the design uses another designer’s unique and original idea 

Do not report if:

-> the design is based on the brief

-> the design is generic or common

-> the design concept is common for the industry

4. A designer copied your original concept.

Please review our Concept Originality Policy before reporting another design for being a copy of your own.

You may only report designs that are unique (not generic) and original (not based on the brief or common to the industry).

For example, if there is a real estate logo contest where a designer submits a design that includes a bird, other designers can not submit entries that also contain a bird because it is an original concept that can only be developed by the designer that introduced it.

How to report a design?

Once you have confirmed that the design violates our site policies you should:

  1. Find any other designs the designer submitted that violate the rules in the same way. (ie. All of logo designs that use the same stock vector tooth.)
  2. Make sure you have evidence ready — specific links and observations.
  3. Follow these instructions to submit a report to our staff.

During the review process, please refrain from contacting the client or staff about the design you have reported. Our team will review the report as soon as possible and you will receive a notification as soon as we have reviewed the report.

Please do not report the same entries multiple times. If you consistently send invalid or repeat reports your account is subject to suspension.

For more resources search our Help Page.

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