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You may have noticed a new feature onTop Level Designer Profiles - Services!

What is Services?

Services allows you to predefine jobs that you will do via 1-to-1 Projects.

Here's an example:

You define what you are going to do, at what price and in what timeframe.


How do I set up a Service?

Go to your profile and look for the Service tab.
There you will see a button to "Add a Service."

Enter the required Service details in the form and hit save.

When the Service is enabled, it will be available for potential clients to purchase. Please make sure you only enable Services you are able to complete in the timeframe you specified. Disable your Services when you are away on vacation or otherwise unable to work.

You can enable up to 5 Services at a time.

Where will my Services be visible?

Clients will be able to see your Service offerings when they invite you to work, after they leave you a review and in the Services tab on your profile.


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