Tasks and Ready-made Logo Store Close

99designs has discontinued the Tasks service and the Ready-made Logo Store. This allows us to focus on what matters most: strengthening our core products - Design Contests and 1-to-1 Projects. 


Q: Why are you consolidating your product offerings?

A: We believe it’s time to focus our resources on our strongest, core business - Design Contests - as well as our biggest area of growth in 1-to-1 Projects. Focusing our energy on these two features gives us the best opportunity to surface new opportunities to our design community.


Q: Why did Ready-made close?

A: Over the past year, we dedicated a team to focus on the Ready-made Store full time. We overhauled it from the ground up, but continued to see more and more clients come to the Store and purchase a contest instead. We realized we could not continue to support it and it’s not fair to provide customers and designers with a product we can’t make great.


Q: Will Tasks be coming back?

A: We will no longer be offering Tasks as a standalone product. We will be working with customers and designers to migrate their pre-existing relationships over to our 1-to-1 Projects service so that they can continue working together. We learned a lot from Tasks and plan to apply many of those learnings to improve our core products and the ability to focus will allow us to do that faster.


Q: Where will my history of Tasks and Ready-made activity live?

A: We have created 1-to-1 Projects between you and the designers who completed your Tasks as well as all customizations made to Ready-made logos. These include all your conversations and files. You can access at any time through Your Work. Additionally, any designer that you worked with will show up in Your Designers so that you can contact them for more work in the future.


Q: What happens to all of my Tasks credits?

A: Your Tasks credits will be migrated to 1-to-1 Projects credits so that you can continue to use them.

Q: What happens to my in-progress task or RM logo?

A: Your in-progress Task and or RM Logo will continue to be edited within each respective product for 3 days. After 3 days, if they aren’t yet completed, your in-progress Task or RM logo will be moved to Projects by our CS team


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