How do I contact the customer?

To get in touch with the customer, you can send them a message via the Messages tab in the contest (see below) or through a  Private Message.

Contest Messages

You can communicate with the customer via the ‘Messages’ tab in the contest, located next to the ‘Designs’ tab.  Communication made here is only between you and the customer; it is not public.  

Note: If the contest is in ‘Selecting Finalists’ or ‘Selecting Winner’ stages, the Messages tab will be unavailable. 


Private Messages  

To send a Private Message, click on the customer’s username just below the title on the contest page, as seen below.  

From here,  click “Send A Message”, found to the right of the customer’s username.  

Note: A designer can't instigate a Private Message exchange with a customer during an active contest.  

Pro Tip:  

If you’re new to 99designs, you’ll need to win at least 1 contest or be active in multiple contests before you can send a Private Message to a customer.

Until you meet these requirements, you will only be able to respond to Private Messages that are sent to you. 


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