I'm a contest finalist! What does that mean?

First of all, congratulations! If your design has been selected as a finalist, it means that your client is impressed by your work and wants you to compete with a limited number of other designers in the final round of their contest.

Clients can select up to 6 finalists and will give each designer some final feedback on their work. As a finalist, you can refine your work and upload new designs to the contest. Designers who are not finalists will no longer be able to upload new work. In most contests, the final round lasts for 3 days.   

Contest prize distribution

Once the finalists are selected, the contest becomes guaranteed—which means the prize money must be awarded. If a winner is not selected, the prize will be split evenly amongst all finalists. In Bundle Contests the distribution will be modified to distribute the prize for logo only.

If you are participating in a Gold or Platinum contest, you’re in for a bonus! 15% of the total prize in Gold and Platinum contests is split between all finalists. Contest winners will receive both a portion of that 15%, plus the rest of the total prize.

Follow-up work with contest clients

As a contest finalist, the Client Introduction Fee will be waived if you work with your client in a 1-to-1 Project after the contest is over.

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