What does the client expect when I win a Logo & Website contest?

Did you win a Logo & Website contest? Congrats! Here's everything you need to know to successfully complete the contest for your client.

What does the client expect?
Your client expects an original logo, as well as a customized website template. Your role is to prepare the website so it matches the client's new logo, as well as the look and feel of their company. Creating your client's Jimdo website should take 60 - 90 minutes.

Steps to follow
Here are the steps to take once you've uploaded your final logo files:
  1. Ask your client for text, images or styles they'd like included and if they have any website examples for inspiration 
  2. Create the website by clicking on the "Create Website" button in handover
  3. Select a template that best suits your client's company
  4. Upload your winning logo into the template 
  5. Customize the background image or color 
  6. Use the style editor to set the primary color, fonts, and override the styles of text, headings, and hyperlinks you want 
  7. Edit the navigation to create, delete, rename and rearrange pages within the website
  8. Update, change and rearrange the content on every page of the website
  9. Make sure there is content that matches the website on every page
  10. Add hyperlinks into the text elements to demonstrate how they will look. Link them to the other pages of your website.
​You'll have 10 days to finalize your work. Once approved, your prize will be released and we'll transfer access to the website to your client — Jimdo will take care of the rest!

Want help with these steps? See our designer’s guide to Jimdo.

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