How do I eliminate a designer from my contest?

Sometimes you may want to decline a lot of entries by one particular designer in your contest. Declining designs one at a time can be time consuming, which makes eliminating a designer a much simpler option.

To eliminate a designer, on your 'Designs' page click the checkbox next to ‘Group by designer’ and find the designer you wish to eliminate.

To the right of the designer’s username you’ll notice the ellipsis ‘•••’ drop down menu. Within the menu you’ll find the option to ‘Eliminate designer’. Follow the prompts to completely eliminate the designer, effectively declining all their entries in your contest.  

Pro Tip:

If you have eliminated a designer by accident, you can reinstate them by clicking ‘Undo eliminate designer’ which will have replaced the ‘Eliminate designer’ option in your designer's ellipsis drop-down menu. Keep in mind that an eliminated designer can no longer submit entries.


Once you have un-eliminated a designer you will still need to restore the designs you’d like to keep in your contest.  Please refer to the article, How do I decline a design in my contest? to find out how.  

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