What are watchers?

Watchers are 99designs users who subscribe themselves to ‘watch’ various contests. It’s mostly a tool used by designers to keep track of contests they are interested in, but any 99designs user can watch a contest. By watching a contest, you’re kept up to date about what’s happening, as it happens.

When watching contests, you’ll receive the same email notifications that participants do. This tool is the easiest way to stay informed about what's going on in any currently running design contest.

To watch a contest,  all you need to do is click the ‘Watch’ button that appears beneath the contest prize, in the top right hand corner of the contest page.

For contest holders, this is a helpful indicator as to how many designers are potentially working on a design submission.

While you can’t actually see who is watching, posting a public announcement in the messages section of your contest will go out to watchers, as well as all participants in your contest.


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