How do I report a copied or stock design?

Our community is self-policing. We rely on you to alert us when members of the community violate our Designer Code of Conduct.

If you come across a design which you believe violates our Concept Originality Policy or Stock Image and Clip Art Policy, we encourage you to report it.

Before reporting a design, please review those policies, as well as this how-to on finding, using and declaring stock images.

Here's how you can report a violation:

1.  Click the design that you want to report to bring you to the large version


2.  Click 'Report design' to be taken to the dispute form which will allow you to log the report/dispute for the violation.



Once you file a report, the reported designer has 24 hours to respond to the dispute. If they challenge the report or do not answer, it will be escalated to our Designer Support team for review.

During the review time, please refrain from contacting the client or our staff about the design you have reported. Rest assured our team will review the report and you will receive a notification as soon as we have reviewed the report.


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