What cool features does my designer profile have?

Presentation is key to any professional activity and if there's one place to make yourself shine, it's on your profile page. We'll walk you through all the features and offer tips on how to present yourself in the most professional manner possible.

Customize your profile cover
  • Your cover photo (1920x300 or wider): Be sure to keep your name and related information legible. Also keep the colors and visual complexity of your avatar balanced.
  • Your avatar (120x120): Here's your chance to showcase your professional logo or a high quality photo of yourself. 
  • Private messaging button: The small envelope icon is where you can start a private message.
  • "Invite to work" button: This enables clients to directly start a 1-to-1 project with you.
Your portfolio

You can add designs from contests you've entered (excluding private contests) and designs approved by clients in 1-to-1 Projects to your portfolio page. Be sure to showcase your full range of skills and talent.


Expanded view for your individual designs
When you add a design to your portfolio, you'll be prompted to provide a host of information — be sure to fill in all the necessary details so your designs will be easily searchable! Features include: 

  • A title that names your design
  • A description for you to explain your concept
  • A place for other community members to leave comments
  • The ability to crop a visually appealing thumbnail
  • The ability to tag your design (i.e. style, color, etc.)
Category filter

Clients can now browse your work by category! It appears on the top left after you've added designs from two categories or more. 

Your About page

The About page includes:

  • Your bio: What's your training? What's your interests? Availability? Who are you? This is the place to tell people more about yourself. 
  • Languages: What are you fluent in? 
  • Top skills: There's no need to do anything here. This section will be automatically populated based on your contest history. If you are selected as a finalist or win a contest, that contest's category will appear here.

Your stats

This is a great way to show off your success to clients. It shows:
  • Contests: Shows contests you've won
  • Runner up: Shows contests you've been a finalist in.
  • 1-to-1 projects: Number of projects you've had with clients.
  • Repeat clients: Number of clients you've worked with more than once! 
Client testimonials

After you've won a contest, we prompt clients to leave a testimonal as well as start a 1-to-1 relationship with you. Being a professional designer is not just about creating amazing work, it's also about providing great customer support ;) 

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