How do I add or remove designs from my folio?

Your portfolio is a great place to show off the designs you’ve created for contests or 1-to-1 Projects on 99designs. Designers may not add any designs to their folios from private contests or without client authorization in 1-to-1 Projects.

There are 2 ways to add a design to your folio.

  1. Click on the ellipses at the bottom right of your entry and you will see the option to Add to folio.


2. Click on the Manage your designs tab on your Profile page. This is a tab that only you as the designer can view.


To add a design from a 1-to-1 Project to your portfolio, first make sure that:

  1. The Project is complete
  2. The client has given you authorization to add the designs to your folio
  3. The design is marked as a Final file
  4. The file type is either JPG or PNG

From the Files page of the 1-to-1 Project, simply follow the same instructions given above.


If you want to remove a design on your profile page, click the design you want to remove so that you go to full screen view. Once you are in full screen view, you will see the ellipses on the right hand side. Click the ellipses and you will have the option to remove design.

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