When will my matching website be delivered?

When running a Logo & hosted website design contest, your matching website will be delivered to you after the logo design contest portion has finished. In other words, designers will just be submitting logo concepts to you throughout the course of the contest, and only your winning logo designer will go on to create your hosted website.

Here’s what will happen:

1.  At the end of your design contest, you will choose a winning logo design.

2.  Once you award your winner, the winning designer will be notified, and generally within 24 hours they will upload the logo design files for you on the ‘Your files’ page.

3.  After the logo design has been delivered, the designer will start on the website.

4.  You will have 10 days (once your designer delivers the logo files) to work through revisions. When that’s complete, you will then accept both the logo & the website design deliverables and you'll take ownership of your brand new Jimdo website.

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