How do I become certified for Logo & Website contests?

Logo & Website contests allow designers to create an original logo and matching website template in one pack. When your logo is awarded, you will use the handover to modify an existing template using a website builder called Jimdo

This category is unique because:
  • only certified designers can participate so there's a small pool to compete against.
  • logo designers make more money offering more services.
  • winning designers are guaranteed payment before starting the website template.
  • winning designers can quickly customize the website template without writing a single line of code!
How the process works:
  1. Contest: The logo design is the only focus during the contest. Do NOT work on the website during this time.
  2. Website: Upload the finalized logo files in the handover. Then, click the "Create Website" button which will begin the process of modifying an existing Jimdo template to match your winning logo. 
  3. Prize released: Once approved, we'll transfer access to the website to your client and Jimdo will take care of the rest!
The deliverables
The process of modifying an existing Jimdo template should take 60 - 90 minutes. Before starting the website, ask your client for text, images or styles they'd like included and if they have any website examples for inspiration. Your client will expect an original logo, as well as a customized website template that includes:
  • the original logo.
  • a customized background image, fonts and colors that match their logo.  
  • content and images that match their brand on 3 - 5 web pages. 
Keep in mind:
  • The website you create should match or compliment the logo in style, color, fonts and subject matter.
  • For clients who haven't finalized content... simply style the template, upload relevant images, name the pages and add placeholder content they can edit later.
  • If a client asks for additional features (i.e. widgets, a photo slider, etc.) then suggest they move additional work to a 1-to-1, or point them to Jimdo's tool page.
How to become certified
To be eligible for this category, you must:
  • be a great logo designer.
  • have amazing customer support.
  • have a positive history on 99designs. 
  • learn how to use Jimdo and prove your news skills!
Get certified for Logo & Website here >>

You'll receive an email once you've been certified to enter Logo & Website contests.

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