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99designs has partnered with Adobe Stock to improve the purchase and transfer process for stock. When you use any Adobe Stock Standard image, the client can buy that stock directly in handover. Once the stock has been purchased, both you and the client will be able to access the stock to incorporate in your winning design.



The price will be displayed to the client when you declare stock in your design. This is a flat fee that doesn’t require any subscription or bulk purchase. Be sure to link to the exact image you’re using. If you’re not sure the URL is correct, click on the image ID to load the correct page.




If you want to take advantage of this integration, be sure to use Adobe Stock Standard images. Adobe Stock Premium images have higher prices and will have to be purchased directly through Adobe.

How can I be sure I’m using a standard image?

When you search for stock on, you can check the filter on the left with one dollar sign ($). All images under this filter are included in Adobe Stock’s Standard collection.


Will I need an Adobe Stock membership?

You don’t need an Adobe Stock membership for the client to purchase the image. If you wish to download a watermarked sample image from Adobe Stock, you will need an Adobe ID. No payment is required to do this.


What if Adobe Stock isn’t available in my country?

This restriction doesn’t apply since it’s the client who’s making the purchase through 99designs. Your client can purchase the stock at handover even if you’re in a region where Adobe Stock isn’t available.


What is the Adobe Stock Premium Collection and why isn’t it included?

These are Adobe Stock’s top images that have been hand-picked and have an extended license. These images are priced much higher than the standard images and aren’t covered in our pricing.


Why can’t I declare any stock?

We only allow the use of stock imagery in certain categories. Do not submit stock art, free vectors, clip art, photo traces, or third party-derived images of any kind to logo, illustration or button/icon contests. See our stock image and clip art policy for more information.


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